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It seemed to me that midcentury mainstream American science fiction had often been triumphalist and militaristic, a sort of folk propaganda for American exceptionalism. A snappy label and a manifesto would have been two of the very last things on my own career want list. That label enabled mainstream science fiction to safely assimilate our dissident influence, such as it was. Cyberpunk could then be embraced and given prizes and patted on the head, and genre science fiction could continue unchanged.

I don’t have to write about the future. For most people, the present is enough like the future to be pretty scary. The author decided to get back on track with studying, enrolled at the University of British Columbia and finally began his writing career in the late 70s.

And I began, then, to write. William Ford Gibson is an American-Canadian writer who has been called the “noir prophet” of the cyberpunk subgenre of science fiction. Gibson coined the term “cyberspace” in his short story “Burning Chrome” and later popularized the concept in his debut novel, Neuromancer .

Simultaneously, weird noises were being heard from New York and London. I took Punk to be the detonation of some slow-fused projectile buried deep in society’s flank a decade earlier, and I took it to be, somehow, a sign.

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After taking a short course on science fiction, Gibson wrote his first short story, called Fragments of the Hologram Rose. These William Gibson quotes make you think things from a different perspective. Human beings live at the intersection of memory and time. William Gibson quotes are always bound to leave a lasting impression with us.

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